Records Requests (FOIL)

The Records Office is the central repository of all police reports and related records within the Plattsburgh Police Department. It has the primary responsibility for the processing, maintenance, security, and distribution of records, to include incident reports, traffic accidents, and criminal history information. In addition, office personnel provide services to citizens, compile statistical data, and provide law enforcement officers with access to this information.

Open office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, excluding holidays.

To Obtain a Record:

  • Fill out a FOIL Request Form
  • Out of area requestors:

    Fill out the Notarized Identity Form and submit with your request
  • Submit FOIL Request using these options:
    1. Email:

    2. Fax:

    3. Mail:

      45 Pine Street Plattsburgh NY 12901
    4. Drop off:

      45 Pine Street Plattsburgh NY
    5. Submit Electronically: By clicking on "Forms & Applications" at the bottom of your screen
  • Once your request is submitted, you will be notified of the cost associated with the reproduction of your record. The Plattsburgh Police Department has a $0.25 per page charge. There will be an additional charge for any media formats requested. If you would like your records to be returned to you by mail, please provide a self addressed, stamped envelope. 
  • Please allow 7 to 10 business days to process your request

Approval & Denial


If your request is approved, the clerk will advise you of the cost, if any, and when you may pick up the records. If your request is not approved, you will be given a reason.

Some of the reasons a request may be denied: 

  • Record is a part of confidential investigatory files (open case)
  • Unwarranted invasion of personal privacy
  • Requested record cannot be found
  • Record is not maintained
  • Exempted by statute other than the Freedom of Information Act