Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Plattsburgh is on the rise!  In order to meet the challenges ahead as our city grows and prospers, it's time to develop a Strategic Plan that will articulate Plattsburgh's values, vision, mission, priorities, and goals.   The best way to shape a better future is not only to plan for where we want to be, but to decide the best way to get "there."  Such plans have been successfully developed and implemented all over the state and nation. 
The Strategic Plan Steering Committee's (SPSC)  purpose is to develop a process and timetable for developing Plattsburgh's Strategic Plan. 
This page will guide you to our committee minutes, the NYS Comptroller's Manual for Strategic Planning, and some municipal plans.  Why have a strategic plan?  The OSC manual explains:

  • Strategic planning yields results
  • Strategic planning is an invaluable managerial tool.
  • Strategic planning is adaptable to a changing environment.
  • Strategic planning is responsive to citizens’ needs.
  • Strategic planning narrows the communication gap.
  • Strategic plans are custom-tailored to an entity's needs.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee Documents